The Blach Difference

There are many things that make Blach Construction different from other builders or construction managers. First of all, engrained in our culture is the concept of actively seeking continuous improvement in every aspect of our business.

From the services we deliver, to our unique work environment, on our projects and in the community, our efforts are achieving some great results: 

  • Our employees have voted the company one of the top 10 Best Places to Work in the Bay Area (and the highest among GC’s and CM’s) since 2009. 
  • In 2011, Blach’s safety program was ranked #1 in California and #3 nationally by the Associated General Contractors (AGC).  
  • We are recognized regularly as one of the most philanthropic companies in Northern California.  
  • Blach projects consistently receive awards and wide acclaim for their sustainability, innovation and contribution to the community. 

Another distinguishing characteristic of Blach Construction is a unique approach to construction that begins with a simple, but all-too-often ignored, skill: we listen.

We ask probing questions of our clients to learn about their goals, work and communication styles, concerns and preferences, and how they measure success.  Once we have a clear understanding of these needs and goals, we make them our own and then begin a collaborative, intelligent approach to each project.

On all of our projects, as well as in our internal operations, Blach people practice outstanding customer service.  Proactive communication, putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, exceeding expectations, and seeking candid, constructive feedback are just some of the reasons why our clients return again and again.  

Finally, we differentiate ourselves with our stated mission: to build the very best people, projects and relationships that enhance the communities in which we live and work.  We do this by building and renovating schools, medical facilities, sustainable offices, non-profit organizations, historic buildings and leading-edge technology centers.

We want to build projects that truly add value to communities and improve the lives of the people living and working within them.