Creating ‘Raving Fans’

Many of us at Blach have read Ken Blachard’s Raving Fans, a short book that tells a story of how one small business differentiated itself through some simple, common-sense practices and turned “stunning customer service [into] a competitive advantage – not just another ‘flavor of the month’ program.”

Blachard’s book clearly resonated with me and my colleagues because we saw so many parallels between what we do here and what Blachard discretely advocates.

I’m fortunate to receive calls and emails every week from many of Blach’s ‘Raving Fans,’ and I enjoy sharing them with our entire team. Just this past week, I received one from a wonderful customer who just retired from her organization. We had worked with her directly for the past decade and probably constructed a dozen projects totaling more than $100 million.

After sharing her good wishes for a new year, she went on to say: “It was such a gift to be able to work with so many very special people in your organization. I continue to cherish the memories. Please do not hesitate to call upon me if I can serve as a reference or in any other capacity to support Blach Construction. I continue to be one of your biggest fans.”

This is the type of testimony we seek from every customer – to be able to have them feel like it was a ‘gift’ to work with us and for them to cherish our time together. It’s a high bar, but one that my colleagues and I strive for every day with every customer. It directly speaks to our first Customer Service Principle – “I build lifetime relationships with our customers by personalizing my services and creating memorable experiences for them.”

My sincere thanks go out to my colleagues who embrace our customer service principles and truly live by them. Together, we’re changing the stereotypes of our industry and the construction experience! 

Posted on January 01, 2016 by Mike Blach
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