2015 Workshop Series Preview

Next month, Blach will kick off its 2015 Workshop Series. Over the course of eight months, Blach staffers and guests will host several informative workshops for owners who are interested in emerging and innovative approaches to construction. Workshop presenters include industry experts, architects, business owners, education consultants and others. 

The first workshop will be held on April 30 at Blach’s San Jose headquarters (to RSVP click here). It focuses on the philosophy behind Lean construction and presents useful tools and concepts for owners that can be easily implemented on a variety of project types.

The 2015 Workshop Series will provide a forum for sharing ideas with forward-thinking leaders and a chance to better understand how Blach approaches its projects. In addition to providing a no-cost learning opportunity, we are also thrilled to showcase Blach’s new headquarters. Other workshop topics include:

  • Total cost of ownership
  • Preconstruction services
  • How buildings influence teaching and learning
  • Prefabrication in the construction industry 

Please contact me at kim.scott@blach.com if you would like to learn more!

Posted on March 03, 2015 by Kim Scott
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