What Makes Blach a National & Local “Best Place to Work?”

Instead of presuming to answer this question on behalf of our employees, I asked some of them that very question. Although their answers were varied, a few common themes emerged. 

The first concerned the supportive culture at Blach, with colleagues that feel like family.

Project Executive Tony Mirenda stated that “the personal culture at Blach is truly unique, especially for a construction company. He added “Everything is so positive!” We foster and encourage a continual growth and development model to keep us improving. Most importantly, my fellow employees embrace me like family.” 

Blach Construction is a communal and supportive environment that has been carefully cultivated and fostered throughout the years. Employees care not only about their individual career success, but also, their co-workers’ personal victories and the success of the company as a whole,” Senior Project Engineer Cassie Camilleri added.

A fairly recent hire, Project Engineer Tunde Onadele had this to say: "Blach Construction is the first company that I feel like a member of the family, rather than an employee. Our leadership team has the ability to promote quality work and looks beyond the surface to help you excel and find your passion. I could not imagine working anywhere else!

"The atmosphere in the office and on the jobsites is created by the energy level of truly happy employees. That makes work extremely enjoyable," explained Senior Project Engineer Brian Azzopardi.

Project Manager Dean Leyshock told me that “the leadership team at Blach encourages a level of employee camaraderie through social events, company functions and general management styles that is unsurpassed by other companies. My coworkers feel more like friends and family, rather than just coworkers.”  

Juan Garcia, one of our estimators, stated that “Blach is full of caring people who desire and cheer you on to succeed!”

Another theme was Blach’s passion for customer service – an important core value at the company.

Preconstruction Manager Kim Scott said that “I love the company’s focus on customer service. I have always thrived on making a potentially difficult experience (a.k.a. construction) fun, enjoyable and stress-free for clients.” She adds, “I feel fortunate to work for a company that cares about its clients and level of service.” 

Evelyn Follette, our front desk assistant and customer service role model, added that “Blach’s core value of customer service not only extends to our clients but also to our employees.  I take great pride in a company that strives to create an environment that enables you to grow.” She added “Blach’s leadership team takes that time to implement innovation and integrity while encouraging each individual to be the best they can be!” 

Another theme that emerged concerned growth and development opportunities.

Project Executive Paul Kehoe, who has been at Blach for 16 years, explained that “as the company has grown, we have done a fantastic job at growing our people.” He goes on to say “when I look around and see all of the people I helped train now training the next generation of employees, it is a very rewarding feeling. We have created a pay-it-forward culture where employees are interested in helping others as they were once helped themselves.” 

Dave Finn, another project executive, agrees. “The constant support the company gives allows employees to feel comfortable creating their own career path. We are a construction company (and have some fairly defined roles), but I like how we encourage everyone to be innovative and free to take on something new.” 

Finally, I have noticed that appearing on a list of great companies gets very personal for our employees and their families.

“It was awesome seeing how proud my mom was when we made the national list of great workplaces,” Project Engineer Sofia Awaleh explained. “As soon as the national placement was posted on Blach’s Facebook page, she shared it on her own page and bragged about how ‘her daughter works for one of the best places to work’! I loved how proud she was of me working at a place that really takes care of their employees.”

One of our long-term superintendents, Ken Fruen, gave his daughter the local list when she was job hunting a while back. He mentioned to her that companies appearing on the list would likely be great places for her to apply for a job.

We work hard at Blach to maintain and further enhance the great culture that Mike Blach (our president and CEO) and our employees have created. It keeps turnover low, morale high and our commitment to each other and our clients rock-solid. 

Posted on May 05, 2014 by Gaye Landau-Leonard
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