As We Celebrate Founder’s Day

Recently at Blach Construction, we celebrated Founder’s Day – A special annual celebration that reminds us of the company’s founding, its history and its founder, my dad, who was affectionately known to many as “Big Mike.” 

While a great deal has changed in our industry during the past 43 years, it’s important to note what has not. Namely, people want to work at a place where they can build something important for their family and community, where they are respected and can work on a team that is dedicated to excellence and proud of their work.

My dad founded this company for these exact reasons. Just as important, he wanted his co-workers to feel like they were part of his family, and that they would be supported in doing their best work.

This past Wednesday evening in Phoenix, AZ, Blach Construction was recognized as one of the best places to work in the U.S.  It’s pretty amazing for me to reflect back on our company’s humble beginnings, when there were just three employees working out of a small office in the back of a warehouse, and to see where we are now.  I know my dad would be pleased that we have continued to build on the strong foundation he laid, and that we have continued to create exciting and rewarding careers for so many people, while still maintaining his high standards of integrity and ethics.

My hat is off to all my co-workers for making Blach a great place to work!  And thanks Dad for the great launch you gave us!

Posted on September 09, 2013 by Mike Blach
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