Blach Featured in Quantum Workplace's "Success Stories"

Quantum Workplace asked Gaye Landau-Leonard, Vice President of Human Resources at Blach Construction Company, to share the company’s experience as a Best Places to Work finalist. Please see below for the story...

Q: Why is being a recognized as a Best Places to Work important to your company? 
A: Being a Best Place to Work is wonderful for employee morale and engagement. It is a fantastic tool in recruiting high quality individuals who obviously want to work for a great company and is also great from a PR standpoint to communicate to existing and potential clients. More and more candidates seek out Blach Construction as their employer of choice.

Q: What makes your company a Best Places to Work?
A: One of our Core Values is ‘Commitment to our Employees,’ and we live that value every day. Before every decision involving employees is made, we ask ourselves the question, “Is that what a Best Place to Work would do?” That has led to the introduction of some new employee benefits, new training initiatives, and a number of activities designed to further build morale and employee engagement.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Best Places to Work assessment process?  
A: Quantum Workplace made the survey process extremely simple, and the customer service was responsive and helpful on the few occasions we needed technical or other help.

Q: Why would you recommend the Best Places to Work program to other companies?
A: I already recommend the Best Places to Work program to executives at other organizations. It has brought us so many benefits that we are happy to spread the word.

Q: How has your company utilized the advanced reporting options? Why would you advise other participant to take advantage of them?
A: We were able to get specific feedback about what employees loved about the company and some useful suggestions about things that can be improved. We were able to use the demographic breakdown to ensure that morale was high in each demographic group. It was also very useful to compare our results year to year. The feedback received is much richer and will help companies really delve into their strengths and any weaknesses. It was also heartening to know, at a deep level, how much our employees love our company!





Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2013