Our Employee-Owners Take the Long View

We just concluded our annual shareholders’ meeting where our 35 employee-owners of the company come together and review last year’s results and discuss the future.

In addition to the meaningful exchange, it was fantastic that many of our shareholders’ spouses also attended the meeting so they, too, can be informed of how the company is doing and be supportive of their spouse.

This past year was an exciting one for Blach.  We grew about 40% in revenues and in employees, and yet we still face some challenges (like just about every company in the US).  Certainly, our industry is not recovering as strongly as any of us would like.

What was inspiring about this meeting is how our employee-owners, all mid- and senior-level leaders in our company, appreciate hearing all the details and are always trying to find new ways to add value for our customers, to improve on our already high customer service standards and to find innovative ways to use technology to make our projects more affordable and timely.

I applaud their focus on our customers.  Unlike many companies that are publicly owned or private ones owned by a single individual or small partnership, our employee-owners are able to put our customers ahead of short-term profits .  We are able to take the long view to make significant investments in our company that pay dividends to our customers and our colleagues for many years.  It’s just those investments, like the one we’ve made in Virtual Design and Construction, that are starting to yield substantive returns for our customers.

Our shareholders, many of whom are project managers, estimators, preconstruction managers and superintendents, really make a difference in how we treat our customers and how we run our business.  And I’m very proud of the decisions we’ve made and the course we’ve set.

Posted on February 02, 2013 by Mike Blach
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