Our "Killer" Internship Program

At Blach Construction, we believe that hiring amazing people is the best way we can serve our customers and ensure they have a stellar construction experience.   How do we find these incredible employees?  We hire many of them as early in their careers as possible, specifically through our internship program!

The Blach internship program is the single best recruiting tool we have for hiring stars during their college years, in hopes that they will remain with the company after they graduate and throughout their careers.

In fact, the Silicon Valley Business Journal recently highlighted the success of our "killer" internship program in this article. 

During their summers with Blach, our project engineer interns work on our construction sites and are exposed to all aspects of our projects.  They become an integral part of the Blach team, providing service to our clients and liaising with subcontractors, architects, and other partners.  We are also devoted to providing complex, interesting work to interns in other departments of the company, including Preconstruction, Accounting, Marketing and Human Resources.

Our interns are highly valued, which has led us to create an Intern Development Program to enhance their experience at Blach and provide them with a variety of general business and construction skills that they can use throughout their careers.  This program includes a Spring “Boot Camp,” where we invite interns to our office for a weekend of job-specific training and fun group activities.

We also hold a panel discussion, where interns participate in a Q&A session with a few of our key executives and most valuable employees.  Among many other social events, we encourage them to join in on fun company bonding activities such as our summer softball team, the Blachbusters!

You can’t fake being a great company for two or three months, which means our interns get a genuine picture of what life is like as a Blach employee.  In addition, these internships give us an excellent opportunity to watch them in action, so that we can make a thorough and thoughtful assessment of their skills and fit within the company.

The lasting relationships interns build during their time at Blach are instrumental in attracting many of these stars to join us as full-time employees after graduation, and deliver successful projects for years to come!



Posted on July 07, 2013 by Tierney Siler
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