Ground Penetrating Radar Prevents Construction Issues at St. Joseph’s School

The troublesome scenario of plowing into a Native American burial ground or a web of dangerous abandoned utilities during construction is an all-too-likely possibility in the Fremont Mission area. Among other projects for the St. Joseph’s School in Fremont, CA., Blach Construction is being tasked with relocating an existing playground to an area rampant with potential archeological conditions.  

The Challenge? The Fremont Mission has laid sisters to rest in the surrounding areas since its inception more than 200 years ago.  Prior to the 19th century, the site belonged to an Ohlone Native American tribe.  Across the street from the project site, 15 Ohlone Native American burial sites were recently discovered. Our Solution? Ground Penetrating Radar. Click here to download the Industry Insight and read the full story or visit our Knowledge Center. 

Posted on August 08, 2013 by Blach's Web Admin
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