Annual Charity Bocce Ball Tournament

Get your game face on. 

Event Information:
Friday, April 25, 2014
Registration begins at 12 Noon  
Tournament Game begins at 1:05-4:00PM
Lunch will be provided.

Location/Directions: Campo diBocce
- 545 University Avenue, Los Gatos, CA 95032
- South on I-880 change to Highway 17 South
- Exit 20B onto Saratoga Los Gatos Blvd. / Hwy 9
- Turn Right onto University
- Destination 3 blocks down on corner of Andrews/University 
- Please park in the Campo diBocce lot, street parking, or the large parking lot behind Starbucks on N. Santa Cruz (the surrounding real estate offices lots will tow your car. Please avoid these lots.)

How to Play Bocce: 
Two teams of four play on each court and each team has four Bocce balls. Team 1 rolls the smaller ball, the pallino, at least half-way down the court.  The same person then rolls Team 1’s first Bocce ball. Team 2 then rolls out their first ball.  

At this point, whichever team is furthest from the pallino will roll, alternating players, until they either get closer to the pallino or they run out of Bocce balls.  The other team will roll, following the same guidelines. Only the team that has their Bocce ball closest to the pallino scores.  The number of Bocce balls closer to the pallino than the opposing team’s closest ball determines the number of points awarded.  

Campo diBocce Dress Code:
Due to the special material used on the Bocce Courts, they ask that ladies wear low or flat shoes, no high heels shoes permitted. We will be playing on both indoor and outdoor courts, please dress appropriately.

If your schedule has changed and you can or cannot attend, please contact our Events Manager, Amy Blach at 408.886.3614 or email