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Bellarmine College Preparatory

New Construction & Renovation

Blach’s relationship with Bellarmine began in the late ‘70s and was cemented in 1987 with the construction of the Carney Science Center.

The new, three-story steel-frame building totals 18,000 s.f. and includes classrooms, science labs and an outdoor amphitheater.  Following the science center, Blach remodeled numerous classrooms, the teachers’ lounge and administrative space in O’Donnell Hall, as well as laying out the new soccer fields.

In 1999, Blach started construction on an impressive $2 million chapel, which serves as the focal point for the entire campus.  In 2005, Blach completed the conversion of an existing one-story office building into a facility that houses the school’s wrestling program.  

A majority of the largest projects were completed during the school year without interruption to academic programs.  Blach also incorporated numerous gifts-in-kind in each project, producing savings to Bellarmine of more than 10% overall.  All projects were completed on time and within the GMP.  In 2006, Blach completed the renovation of the library, a $2.7 million project.

From its simple roots of seven men, the Society of Jesus was founded in 1540 by St. Ignatius of Loyola. Today, the Society numbers over 20,000 members who work in 92 provinces worldwide, nine of which are in the United States. Bellarmine College Preparatory is one of 56 Jesuit high schools in the U.S., each built upon the principles of the Ratio Studiorum, the spiritually-based education system initially developed by Ignatius for new members of the Order.



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