Alternative Delivery Methods

Regardless of model, we understand that truly successful projects enhance the lives of its constituents, win acclaim from boards, community and, most importantly, the end-users.

Establishing a collaborative partnership with the architect allows us to provide a quicker and more economical construction process for our clients.

We enjoy strategic alliances with many of the top architectural firms in the region, which allows us to partner with the right design firm for your project.  The benefit to our clients is a thoughtful and constructible structure that meets their vision, projected budget and timeline without surprises or costly change orders.

Construction Management 
It’s said that to manage well, you must understand how things work. As a top general contracting builder for almost four decades, we believe that our core competence as a builder gives us a unique perspective on how to build successful projects.

Working with Blach as a CM gives you a tangible competitive advantage. Our strong, long-term relationships with over 500 leading subcontractors helps ensure that your project will stay on track.

In addition, we insist on an intensive pre-planning effort in collaboration with the architect and client, including detailed constructability reviews, to eliminate problems during construction.

This pre-construction attention to detail allows for construction documents that are easily approved by the permitting agency, clear communication and understanding of project expectations to bidding contractors, and highly constructible structures.

Competitive bids, smooth-running projects and near-zero change order rates are the tangible results of our efforts. From the very first team meeting, through pre-construction, construction and final close-out, our CM teams operate with a proactive attitude focused solely on delivering the project in the most professional manner. 

Blach has extensive experience managing K-12 education and community college public education programs under various CM models, including CM/Builder Multi-Prime "At Risk," CM/Builder Multiple Prime "As Agent" and Lease Lease-back.

Regardless of model, we understand that truly successful projects enhance the lives of its constituents, win universal acclaim from the governing boards, community and, most importantly, the end-users. This type of success, achieved through our client experience and proven approach, explains why 100% of our public agencies call us back to manage their next project, and in many cases, their entire program.

Program Management
Blach’s program management services typically involve managing multiple related projects that share a common funding source; to date, Blach has provided these services for numerous public agencies involving programs in excess of $100 million. Within the program management process, we compile project budgets, program priorities and scope, manage a master schedule, establish internal procedures and assist in the selection and management of the architects and consultants.