SVO Response

By Blach Construction | November 02, 2020

We were extremely disappointed by the racist political web page posted briefly last week on Silicon Valley Organization’s (SVO) website.  Although Blach Construction has been a member of SVO, and a number of our colleagues have participated on its committees and board, we strongly denounce this racist post, as well as the other negative political attack ads produced by SVO’s Political Action Committee (PAC).

For 50 years, Blach Construction and our employees have been committed to enhancing our communities. This is the guiding principle by which we conduct business. There is no place for racism, hatred and deceitful attack ads – these actions are completely contrary to everything we value.  As such, we have immediately suspended all contributions to SVO and its PAC.

We believe there is a legitimate place in our society for chambers of commerce.  When run properly, they can be the engine of local economic growth, aiding in business and job expansion, promoting tourism and bringing marquee events to a city/region.  Regretfully, SVO has lost its way and its purpose.  We believe the board of SVO to be outraged by this incident and have taken necessary, initial steps to make dramatic change by replacing the CEO, firing its political consultant and disbanding its PAC. We are evaluating closely whether or not our continued participation in SVO can make positive impact and lead to much-needed change. If we determine it cannot, we will separate our alliance.

No matter what, Blach Construction will continue to work diligently to build up our community, doing our part to ensure San Jose and its surroundings are a welcoming and inclusive region.