Strong Voices. Safe Choices.

May 01, 2023

Construction Safety Week 2023

We’re contractors. Safety is in our DNA. We have stringent, respected and evolving safety protocols in place that are widely embraced throughout our firm. So, every year when Construction Safety Week comes around, we take a moment to celebrate our culture of safety excellence and those responsible for it – our field teams. Their ongoing diligence has resulted in our award-winning safety record.

Blach’s approach to safety is firmly embedded in our core values of quality, transparency, teamwork and respect. Through these values, we:

  • Empower everyone – from craft professionals to project and business leaders – to speak up and act on any potential risk
  • Evaluate our safety programs continuously, knowing full-well the impact they have on our teams, their projects and most of all, their loved ones
  • Advocate for improved mental health resources and equipment standards, both of which are known to reduce the risk of injury and ensure safer working environments
  • Remain united in our commitment to continuously improving our safety culture, not just during Construction Safety Week, but every day of every week, on every jobsite

This year, the Construction Safety Week theme centers around Strong Voices, Safe Choices. And when it comes to safety, who better to hear from than our most seasoned field personnel. Without these bright, steadfast contributors we are fortunate to call colleagues, our projects would not be what they are: high quality, durable and safely built structures that enhance the communities where they stand.

Check back each day this week to hear first-hand what meaningful safety practices have enhanced some of our teammates’ long-standing careers, as well as the overall success of Blach Construction. Collectively, their Strong Voices truly champion ongoing Safe Choices.

Steve, Senior Safety Manager

Steve currently oversees the Blach Safety Team. Having spent more than 25 years on construction sites, he has a solid appreciation for our field teams, and has been instrumental in initiating and preserving our rigorous safety standards. To Steve, being prepared is the key. Hear what he has to say.


Justin, Senior Superintendent

Senior Superintendent Justin is currently leading our field team on a 100+ unit supportive housing project in San Jose. With decades of experience working on complex, fast-paced jobsites, Justin has learned that paying close attention to the details is the key to safety success. Watch his video below to hear why.


Lee, Senior Superintendent

Drawing from over 30 years of experience in the industry, Senior Superintendent, Lee has felt the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle firsthand. From exercising regularly to getting a good night’s sleep, Lee explains why creating and maintaining health-conscious habits are critical to successfully navigating stressful and potentially hazardous situations on the jobsite.


Mike, Senior Superintendent

Having led some of Blach’s largest projects to date, Senior Superintendent Mike is no stranger to putting his head down, working hard and getting the job done. In today’s video, Mike shares his perspective on why respect, work ethic and simply following directions are his keys to success on the jobsite.


Dan Rogers, President

At its core, jobsite safety is a team effort that requires accountability and constant communication. On this final day of Construction Safety Week 2023, Blach President Dan Rogers thanks our safety leadership and project teams for upholding stellar safety practices on our jobsites and making sure every Blach employee gets home safely at the end of the day.