DEI Pledge

September 26, 2022

Blach Construction recognizes that diversity drives innovation and increases inclusion, both of which positively impact our ability to deliver successful projects and encourage equity across the communities we serve.

  • As an employer, we are deliberate in our efforts to recruit and retain a diverse in-house workforce and continuously educate ourselves on conscious inclusion.
  • As a general contractor, we strive to select construction partners that, if not minority-owned, share our determination to provide equal opportunities for underrepresented individuals and minorities.
  • As a community partner, we are committed to actively donating our time and financial support to numerous organizations that promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

At Blach, DEI is a sustained effort that is espoused from the top, embraced by all employees and serves as the foundation of our culture. Just as we are committed to delivering high-quality buildings, we are committed to amassing a diverse team comprising people with varied backgrounds, ideas, and experiences that aptly represent the communities within which and for whom we are building. This, we believe, fundamentally translates into providing an optimal and objective construction experience for our clients and their stakeholders, alike.

To this end, we continue to examine and adapt our own policies, practices and programs to ensure a high degree of inclusivity. We are steadfast in our position that there is no place – anywhere – for systemic racism, discrimination, and inequality.  And we pledge that through our actions and associations, within our company, our community and the construction industry overall, we will strive to positively impact ongoing change.