Innovation Meets Experience

Long-term field expertise leads our virtual design team, delivering a pre-construction experience that is unique to Blach. By modeling exactly what we intend to build – at construction-level detail – we optimize the outcome of our projects. Innovators committed to remaining on the leading-edge, we combine the best technology and techniques to identify and solve problems before they become issues on the job, saving time, money and stress.


Model accurately

We model what we intend to build. And then we build exactly what we modeled. Nothing short of this delivers accurate results.


Coordinate completely

Decades of field experience combined with cutting-edge technologies result in highly detailed models that support real spatial coordination.



Our highly detailed models avoid MEP clashes, enabling us to coordinate systems and facilitate long-term building maintenance.

Gain Efficiencies Icon

Gain efficiencies

Laser scanning and robotic layout ensure accurate as-built data and allows for greater control over installing coordinated systems.

Building Precisely

See what Virtual Design & Construction can do.

Evergreen Pump Room - Scan and Model Merged
Blach Deck Inserts MBA Project

Deliver construction-level detail.

Coordinate completely, floor-to-ceiling & wall-to-wall.

Detect & avoid clashes.

Pinpoint MEP placement.


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