2021: A Year in Review

By Blach Construction | December 17, 2021

Glancing Back. Moving Forward.

It is hard to believe that 2021 is almost done. A year that began with uncertainty, calmed quickly and now appears to be finishing strong. At Blach Construction, we remain steadfast in using our lessons learned and experiences shared to better, not just our firm, but ourselves and our communities.

Perseverance. Resilience. Dedication. The gritty mindset that is inherently found – albeit required – in a construction firm. These attributes, above all, have kept us moving forward. Everything we’ve accomplished, navigated and yes, endured, we’ve done together, as one unified, highly collaborative team.

    • We broke ground, made headway and completed several important and very diverse projects, all aimed at enhancing our communities and the lives of those who reside within them. From affordable and supportive housing to award-winning wellness centers and large-scale transit-oriented developments, we are honored to be enriching California.
    • Despite the ongoing pandemic, we are proud to have maintained our unparalleled safety record, as evidenced by our staggeringly low, .38 Experience Modification Rate* (EMR) and Construction Safety Excellence Award recognition by the Associated General Contractors of California for the fourth year in a row.
    • We are more devoted than ever to employing innovative prefabricated solutions, such as Folia, Prescient, cross-laminated timber and more, to offer greater efficiencies and increased value to our clients.
    • We excitedly embraced the ability to have in-person interaction – in our offices, on our jobsites, at conferences and myriad industry and community events – while adhering to stringent safety protocol.  (At the same time, we still very much appreciate the flexibility to Zoom.)
    • And we continue to applaud and appreciate everyone who has had a hand in shaping the Blach Construction we know today: long-time veterans who are enjoying retirement, seasoned employees committed to diversity and expansion, and new hires with fresh perspectives.

Overall, the passion our team has for our projects, our partners and each other is inspiring. It is readily evident that we are all builders. Trusted relationships and respectful rapport, foremost amongst ourselves, are equally, if not more important as the lasting structures we physically construct.

To echo sentiments from November’s blog, we continue to be eternally grateful on many levels, for many things and to everyone who surrounds and supports Blach Construction. During a time forever associated with joy and cheer, we send you goodwill and wish you great health as we eagerly anticipate a bright, new 2022.


*According to AON Empower Results, the industry average EMR is 1.0.