Celebrating the Women of Blach

By Blach Construction | March 12, 2021

Say the word “construction” and it’s highly likely that your mind conjures images of steel, heavy equipment, caution signs and men in hard hats. There is no escaping the fact that, as a whole, the construction industry is largely male dominated. This reality is especially evident given the fact that a week has been designated to celebrate Women in Construction. And while we fully support this effort, our approach at Blach is that acclaim should be given all year long.

“By nature, women tend to be extremely empathetic, which is a strategic advantage in the complex world of construction. We are intrinsically wired to foster a team, maintain open communication and put people at ease. These valuable traits lend themselves well to building positive relationships with both clients and project teams, and ensuring a successful, enjoyable construction experience.”  ~ Kim Scott, VP, Business Development & Marketing

Recent statistics reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor claim only 10.9% of the construction workforce are female. We are proud to say we exceed this – by more than two times. Approximately 30% of Blach’s workforce is women. And while our clients and colleagues benefit greatly from the diversity of the talented professionals who make up this number, we have made it a top priority to do better.

“One of the reasons I felt confident in joining Blach ten years ago is because of the purposeful and deliberate strides they’ve made for women in the construction industry. I realized women were in key, contributory roles that I aimed to achieve. Now, Blach is championing efforts to increase diversity and inclusion by encouraging honest conversations to drive measured, mindful strategic initiatives. I am proud to be a part of it and excited to see how our initiatives unfold.”    ~ Sofia Hardy, Project Manager

Our firm comprises many incredible women, in a variety of critical roles, from top leadership and project/field management to back-of-house operations. Women either spearhead or are intricately involved in all core functional areas of Blach Construction, including business development, estimating, finance, field operations, human resources, marketing and project management. Almost half of our venerable Leadership Team are women, and women hold a significant presence among valuable senior management positions. Collectively, these inclusive, empathetic mentors are equally savvy in both business and construction.

“I have had the honor of working at Blach for 21 years in a variety of field-related capacities. As an advocate for our field personnel, I am proud to be able to contribute to their career advancement. But really, what I find most gratifying is not just that I am encouraged to lend my female perspective in this predominantly male industry, but that I am respected for it.”   ~ Sabrina Jasso, Sr. Manager, Field Administration

Women at Blach are key contributors who continue to have direct impact on our firm’s ongoing success. We applaud their tireless efforts to balance their work and personal lives, which over the last year have been exceedingly challenging. Yet, in spite of everything the pandemic threw our way, our female talent prevailed, and productivity remained incredibly high. (Remember, we are contractors and rely heavily on in-person interaction.)

“A year ago, professional and personal worlds collided violently. Prior to joining Blach, I spent years successfully working from home – while raising four boys – and was accustomed to the balancing act. So, when asked by Silicon Valley Business Journal to mentor women on Mentoring Monday, I shared something I’d been telling my colleagues: Remember to RISE. Relax. We are resilient. Identify the Silver Linings. Set boundaries and priorities. Embrace change, because with it, comes opportunity.”   ~ Kate Blocker, Director of Marketing

At Blach, we are immensely grateful for our female colleagues. In selecting construction as a career, each one of these accomplished, talented and inspiring women has been instrumental in breaking barriers. So, this week – and every week on either side of it – we celebrate, champion and thank them. They are the Women of Blach.

“My career at Blach has offered me valuable insight and opportunity for continued growth. Over the last 14 years, I have gained a tremendous amount of experience and am inspired each and every day by my colleagues, clients and projects. I couldn’t imagine having a more rewarding profession.”   ~ Amber Emery, Project Director