Embracing Safety. Holistically.

By Blach Construction | May 03, 2021

Construction Safety Week 2021

A lot has changed in the 50-plus years since Blach Construction was founded. While some construction practices have remained the same over this time, several have continued to evolve and progress. The most critical, and possibly most obvious, of these is safety.

Construction is an inherently dangerous business. It is physical. It can be stressful. And it is rooted in teamwork. Teamwork that is made possible by people. And people make up Blach Construction.

Teamwork is the cornerstone of our firm. And it centers around the well-being of our people. Like every individual person, each project is unique, has varying requirements and demands, and may affect each worker differently. We are acutely aware that our people’s well-being may often be tested. This is exactly why we have put in place exacting practices that safeguard our employees and extended teams – on and off the jobsite.

For us, safety is more than PPE and safety protocol. Blach operates in a familial way. This solid foundation was laid long ago, alongside the understanding that we do whatever we can to take care of our own, everyone involved in our projects and our communities. Culturally, everyone who works for Blach is very much aligned and has a shared responsibility for our continued success – and each other’s welfare.

Critical to our safety practices are the wellness benefits we offer, which are robust for a firm of our size. In addition to various options that support our employees’ and their dependents’ physical health, we provide a host of programs that encourage mental, emotional and financial strength. We also place great importance on ongoing employee enrichment, team building and recognition, as well.

Since Blach’s inception in 1970, we have been guided by two conjoined principles: deliver superior quality construction services and enjoy a rewarding quality of life. Safety is deeply engrained in both. Consequently, we are able to fully advocate this year’s Construction Safety Week theme celebrating “Holistic Safety.”

At Blach, our approach to safety extends beyond the rigorous protocols we’ve put in place to mitigate construction hazards on our jobsites. We are fiercely dedicated to ensuring the ongoing wellness of our employees. Safety is an essential and fundamental standard throughout Blach Construction that is widely embraced and championed by all.