Prefabrication vs. Modular Construction

By Blach Construction | November 03, 2021

Dispelling Common Myths

As a general contractor rooted in commercial construction, Blach is firmly committed to delivering the utmost value to our wide array of clients and partners. Subsequently, we are continually exploring, examining and when appropriate, embracing innovative building techniques.

One such area of innovation is prefabrication. While arguably not a novel building technique, recent advancements have increased its viability as a quality solution worth serious consideration. However, there seems to be some ongoing confusion between prefabrication and modular construction. In an attempt to set the record straight, we teamed up with industry news outlet Bisnow to shed some light on the most common misconceptions. If you’re considering any type of construction project, be sure to check out “The Truth About Prefab: Dispelling 3 Common Myths.” We hope you’ll find it helpful and educational.